Top 5 Games Charts: September 1987

Do you recall what you were bopping to in September of ’87? Let me remind you – “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. Don’t even try to deny it! Perhaps you were more of a Pet Shop Boys fan? Whatever your music tastes were, I bet that you would have been playing a number of the following chart toppers either on your Amstrad, Spectrum or C64:

Amstrad_CPC464 1) Paperboy (Elite)

2) Barbarian (Palace Software)

3) 6 Pak (Elite)

4) Exolon (Hewson)

5) Ball Crazy (Mastertronic)

ZXSpectrum48k 1) BMX Simulator (Codemasterts)

2) The Milk Race (Mastertronic)

3) Barbarian (Palace Software)

4) Road Runner (US Gold)

5) Destructo (Bulldog)

C64b 1) Last Ninja (System 3)

2) Barbarian (Palace Software)

3) Enduro Racer (Activision)

4) Road Runner (US Gold)

5) World Class Leaderboard (US Gold)