Wishing You A Geeky Xmas And Nerdy New Year

Dear retrogaming friends, wishing you a very geeky Christmas and nerdy New Year! Please enjoy these awesome Christmas trees as we hit the peak of the festive season, and seriously – best wishes to you and your family for a safe and happy holiday period.

An amazing Pac-Man Christmas tree
pac-man tree(Source: via Technabob)

C is for Cookie Monster Christmas tree
cookie monster tree(Source: enhydralutris45 on imgur)

Christmas in 8-bit8 bit tree(Source: via HyperVocal)

Have a super Christmas!
super mario tree
(Source: LighterCases on Etsy)

10 Points for whoever put together this beautiful Hogwarts Christmas tree
harry potter tree
(Source: via Nerdist)

dalek tree(Source: via Geekrant)

The Christmas cake is a lie
portal tree(Source: via TheGrue)

Minecraft IRL is perfect for making Christmas trees, but don’t forget to build a chimney too!
minecraft tree(Source: IgniteMotion.com on YouTube)

Oh LEGO tree, oh LEGO tree…
lego tree(Source: SMH)

The festive spirit is strong with this one
Star Wars Tree(Source: The Daily Mail)


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